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Lot 1502, Jalan Tembusu 4, Taman Jejawi, Perlis, Arau, Malaysia

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9AM to 5PM

Secondary School

The Secondary School Curriculum is based on the UK National Curriculum and Malaysia Curriculum

In General

The Secondary School Curriculum is based on the UK National Curriculum and Malaysia Curriculum. In lower secondary, students learn a wide range of subjects before deciding on IGCSE options (24 subjects to choose from). The curriculum offered in upper secondary builds on the skills, knowledge and understanding gained in the lower years, while reinforcing key 21st century skill sets such as critical thinking and effective communications.


  1. To develop students to be Muslims of excellence character who are highly motivated to learn and superior academically.
  2. To produce hafeez and hafeezah who have deep love for the Quran.
  3. To produce students who are learned in Islamic revealed knowledge as a strong foundation to other field of acquired knowledge.
  4. To develop a leader and a reflective thinker of high taqwa in each child.
  5. To demonstrate the extremely high degree of success possible by the full implementation of Khalifah Method in a school environment.

Key Areas of Emphasis

These are the key areas of emphasis for our Secondary School programme

Subject taught

Tahfeez Programme

We aim to produce students who can memorize the Quran with excellent reading and understanding, that have a deep love for the Quran. We focus on Tajwid, Tahsin, Tafheem and Tahriri. Below is our tahfeez curriculum

Lifelong Learning Programme

LLP has been designed specifically to create new learning experience outside of a formal education in school. It provides great meaning-making in their learning and help:

The Modules

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