AMS has a set of values that underpin the vision of the school.

Fun and joy –  a holistic approach to nurture the passion for learning and continuous development. It drives motivation, flow, passion and engagement by using fun and innovative ways of learning.

Kind and respect – character education that cultivates and imparts of the values of life among the students.

Love and please Allah – to cultivate and nourish a pure love of the Creator, total submission to Allah, love Islam and always improving their life.

Responsibility and accountability – to guide and encourage students with responsibility aspects, create opportunities for their own interests, practice skills, provide them with ownership  of the learning process and promote culture of trust in the school.

Our Vision

As an educational institution that provides integrated and holistic educational system through the combination of balanced growth of individual and implementation of Khalifah Method.

Our Mission

To develop human potentials in achieving excellence through integrated and holistic education  encompassing spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical aspects based on total devotion Allah SWT



At AMS, we aim to accomplish students’ goals and constantly strive to make them better every day.

Immersion of knowledge

Character building

Skills and competency  enhancement

Academic achievement

in life

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