In General

The AMS (Primary) Being Muslims, it is vital of all parents to educate their children with Quran education. If they fail to provide their kids with appropriate Quran education, they would be asked about it. In addition, education of children is basically education of generation and education of generation is considered as education of the whole nation. We have a passion to spread knowledge of Islam and Quran education is our main priority in developing solid young Muslims.

Quran Development Programme

Our Quran programme for children has been specially designed for those children or adults who are facing difficulties in reading and learning Quran. It is now possible for the children or adults to learn, read and understand Quran by attending our programme. This programme has been started by adopting Al-Barqy technique which involved fully understanding the concepts of makhraj, tartil and recognizing the hijaiyah letters. The location of Quran class is fully secured, flexible class plans with affordable fee packages for all family members of any age. Our qualified Quran tutors teach so that children or adult may learn learn Quran with Tajweed. Everyone is offered minimum 1 month free trials for learning Quran for children classes so that one can see how effective our Quran programme is! With the help and support of our qualified Quran tutors and scholars, hundreds of parents now know how our Quran programme can help their children to learn quran with tajweed, read Quran in true Arabic accent and understand Quran. They are not only reading it fluently with Tajweed but also understand Quran for applying the Quran instructions in their day-to-day life.
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