Silver Medal In Perlis International Engineering Invention & Innovation Exhibition (PI-ENVEX 2020).

All praise be to Allah and ccongratulations to our children for your great effort and success. Special thanks to the team of School of Materials Engineering, UNIMAP for your support and help.

Bronze Medal In Wmo International English Olympiad 2019

Praise be to Allah and congratulations! We are proud to announce that Nur Qasrina, our P4 student has won a Bronze Medal in WMO English Olympiad (International Level).

Silver Medal & Award Of Merit In Asmo English Olympiad (National) 2019

All praise be to Allah and congratulations! Two of our students managed to get 1 silver medal and 1 award of merit in ASMO English Olympiad (National) 2019. We thank you to the rest of our English Olympiad team for their good efforts. You guys had done a brilliant job. We will try again next year.

Medals & Honorable Mention In Kancil Science Competition (National) 2018

All praise be to Allah and congratulations! Our students performed very well and bagged 1 silver and 2 bronze medals, and 13 honorable mentions. We really proud of all them.

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